Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What? Injured AGAIN?

You've got to be kidding? Another summer injured? Whats up with that? lol I guess I should listen more to my body and quit running when I am having pain. DUH! I have injured a muscle in my upper thigh and will have to be off road running for a few weeks. All is not lost, though. I can still do my marathon in October. All I have to do now is start pool running & biking next week so I'm still on track. I am so thankful I didn't do something really stupid and end up being out for much longer.

I wanted to run the Salem Run for the Arts 5k so bad that I just ignored the signs of a possible injury and ran anyway. I actually didn't do too bad either - 37:21, but couldn't put weight on my leg right after the race; not a good sign.

I've GOT to stop pushing myself so hard and really listen to my body. I've also purchased a pair of Newton running shoes that should help with my foot strike. Read about Newtons here. I am bummed that I can't try them out for a few weeks. I ran in them for the race and they felt good on my feet, but my leg hurt so bad I couldn't focus on how they performed otherwise.

This means I can't do Homer's Classic 8k race in August, but should still be able to do the 5k in Corvallis at the end of that month. That's an easy way to start back into road running. I will just run it for fun.

This reminds me to always stay alert for signs of injury and STOP running before it occurs. It's just like in real life - we need to stop ourselves BEFORE we do something stupid. Then we won't have to try to fix it.

1 Timothy 4:16
"Keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching. Persist in this, for by so doing you will save both yourself and your hearers."

It's easier to prevent something that to repair the damage after it's done. Make sure you stay close to God and His word and follow His teaching. Then you will not regret what you should have done.

Have a blessed day!



  1. After spending large parts of my first 2 years as a runner injured and unable to run (to me, being injured means "unable to run"), I resolved this year to remain injury free. I definitely have had to learn to listen to my body, because many, if not most, of my previous injuries have been from pushing through pain and not stopping. So far for 2009 I am injury free. I hope I can make it all the way to December.

    It is hard not running, but I have done the pool running and biking before, and it does work and feels good. Hope you recover swiftly and definitely DO listen to your body!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Sheila. Good luck staying injury free until December. You've done great so far!

  3. Gina I am so sorry about your injury but you know what you have to do now! Heal that baby up and then run smart! No running races in pain!! I will act as your mother!! Listen to me! I KNOW!! I know you know too but sometimes we are our own worst enemy!!

    Be well friend!!!

  4. Thanks,Michelle. I will be obedient. lol

  5. So sorry you're injured Gina but you're doing the right thing and resting and taking it easy. I know it's not easy. Running is such an addiction that we want to ignore the physical signs to slow down and rest. Here's hoping you mend quickly. Sending you good recovery thoughts!!

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  7. After being out for the last 5 weeks, I really feel for you! But keep your head up - the pool running is great for keeping up the fitness and helping with the recovery. The big lesson that I have learnt from my latest injury is the benefit of stretching properly after running. This helps to minimise the overuse injuries!!
    Continue to listen to you body and get better soon!!


  8. Thanks, Kirstin. I DO stretch after running so that's probably not the reason for this injury. I think I just overcompensated because of a stressed ankle from my marathon.

    I'll be SO glad to get back to running!

  9. That's a bummer. Hope things get better for you sooner than later.