Monday, July 27, 2009

New Bicycle!

Since I'm on a temporary leave from running due to an injury to my thigh muscle, I thought I'd begin biking in earnest. I biked a bit last year when I had a stress fracture, but quit when I joined a gym and started pool running & using the stationary bike there. I had been using my daughter's old bike, which is a boy's bike and has off road tires. So I thought I'd look for a new one. What a hard job!

I just thought I'd go to Walmart and get one there, but looked and realized I had NO idea what kind of bike to buy. So I decided to go to a bike shop and looked online to find one in my city of Salem, Oregon. I found one downtown and went to look. Well, that was a brief look since they were all WAY out of my price range. Hey, I just want a bike that will last with me using it 3 times a week for cross training. I don't need a racing bike or a mountain bike or a $1,000 bike, ok? I talked briefly to the sales guy & then left, disappointed.

From there I went to Sports Authority and talked to the sales person there. He was very helpful and showed me a hybrid (women's) bike that was on clearance for $280. It was even pink! He suggested I look at another bike store also downtown to see if they had a better selection so I put off getting the bike that day. I should have just bought it then because after looking at the other store (AND circling the block & parking a block away, walking there on crutches!) I found they didn't have any bikes even close to that price or that kind. So it was back to Sports Authority where I got the same sales guy and purchased the bike. He was able to get it into my PT cruiser so I took it home that day. Here's a picture:

Here is a picture of the one I was using before:

Now, here they are side by side:

I realized after I bought this bike that my daughter's bike wasn't even a full size one, plus the tires needed air! Shows how much I know about bikes. lol

I went for my first ride today and made it 20.42 miles! I DO like the bike and am SO glad I got it. My leg did pretty well as long as I was pedaling hard, but if I tried to pedal downhill with no pressure it hurt. My route has lots of hills, one being a 14% grade uphill so my quads got a good workout & will probably be sore tomorrow, but it's ok. I'm just so glad to be outside exercising again.

I can't wait until I can run again, but will continue to bike 3 times a week for cross training. I am finding I love it. And YES, I do have a helmet - wouldn't run without one. Now I need to buy a kickstand (it doesn't have one???) and a lock so no one steals it from my front porch. I'm all set!

I've found it is important to be prepared for whatever you do, but you HAVE to have the right equipment or you can't maximize your experience!

And NO, don't expect any duathlons or triathlons from me. I'm happy just running races. Biking is for fun & cross training and as for swimming - not my sport! :)

Have a blessed day!



  1. I just had to get a new bike also (for cross training)

    Yours looks pretty nice and it must be comfortable!

  2. It actually is comfortable. The seat surprised me with it's comfort. I have a gel seat on the old bike and it actually hurt more - and that was only after a couple of miles. I didn't have a problem even after 20 miles. MUCH better bike! lol

  3. I love your bike! Its soo cute... just like the bike i want to buy... eventually! haha :)

  4. Nice bike! Sorry you're injured, hope you heal quickly

  5. Thanks Nicole. It is SO much better than the one I was using!

  6. Mark, thanks. My leg is getting better each day but will probably take a couple more weeks before I can run!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leavin your kind comments.

    Sorry to hear your injured, but I'm glad your able to stay busy and cross train. I love the new bike. Very cute!

  8. Thanks, Kristen! I really enjoy riding it! Going to try for 39.5 miles tomorrow!

  9. Fantastic. A bike is a bike. Like you, I know nothing about bike. However, you might want to take a peek into triathlon. ;-) Who knows? You might have a change of heart and might want to try it. Congrats on getting a new bike.

  10. Ted, I am not a swimmer (believe me, I'm NOT) so no triathlons for me. LOL

  11. you so rock my world. i love that you have a pink bike and that you just got on and rode for the love of being outdoors and active. your pragmatic, no nonsense get it done attitude is an inspiration. thanks for sharing!
    and i bet you won't miss too many beats w the running with this kind of cross training. speedy recovery!