Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!

Well, it finally happened - my first bike crash; and not just a piddly little fall, oh no, I have to do everything in a big way!

Saturday, I needed to ride 27 miles to offset my lack of running 9 miles (3x run miles=bike miles). I got up at 5:30, prepared to go out about 6:30, but it was still dark so I waiting until 6:55. I was wearing my running shorts, bra top & tank top, but when I went outside it had started pouring down rain and the wind was blowing. So I went back inside, took off the tank and put on my waterproof rain jacket.

I was intending on running my usual North-South route which takes me North for half the distance and then back South on the same road. Since the wind was from the South, I just couldn't handle running against it again, so I decided to take a different route and kind of made it up as I went. It would take me into the small town of Aumsville, about 5 miles away, & then I would figure out which way to go. As I look back, I realize I should have gone against the wind. LOL

I crossed the overpass over Hwy 22 and began my descent into Aumsville on 1st St. I remember a truck with a trailer pulling out of a street ahead of me, I noticed the shoulder ended and I started riding on the road. I saw Gordon Lane on my left and thought of my brother in law, Gordon.

Then, I woke up on the ground with a gentleman asking me if I wanted him to call 911. Pretty befuddled, I mumbled something about getting back on my bike to finish my ride. Yeah, right! He said I had a bad cut above my eye that would need stitches so I nodded to call 911. Then I started thinking about how much it would cost. So typical of me. :)

This man was SO kind, he got my son's cell number from me and called him; then he made sure the road was blocked from cars, put his coat over my legs & later under my head. What a Good Samaritan he was.

I remember my helmet strap was choking me so I unclipped it but kept the helmet on. Thank God for helmets! Everyone needs to wear one when riding a bike, EVERYONE!!! I also remember unhooking my bottle carrier from around my waist & pulling it from behind my back. It was killing my back!

I suddenly became VERY nauseated and knew then that the ambulance was a good idea since I most assuredly had a head injury. My neck was hurting too and my upper back ribs, plus my hand (all on the right side of my body). Nothing else was hurting and I could move my legs, feet & toes fine. I remember having dry heaves, but thankfully did not throw up. I'm so glad - did not want to lay on the ground beside that. hahaha!

I was in and out of consciousness but do remember the first responders and the ambulance crew. They were great, but kept asking me questions!! I didn't want to answer anything, too nauseated and my head hurt! LEAVE ME ALONE! Well, that obviously wasn't going to happen so I began to tell them to check my Road ID on my shoe. They were not familiar with it and still kept asking questions. They asked me if I was taking medication and I said, "Yes, Lots. Check my Road ID" then they asked if I was allergic to medications and I said, "Yes. Lots. Check my Road ID". A pattern was developing! For the life of me, I couldn't remember anything except I'm allergic to Codeine & Nortriptyline, but I couldn't even say that. They finally gave up. Smart move on their part. hahahaha!

The paramedic gave me anti-nausea medicine which helped some, but I was still in a groggy state when I reached the hospital. It's nice to go to the ER in an ambulance, half conscious, because there's no line, no waiting. LOL

I told the nurse about the Road ID & he removed it and check online and VOILA! there was all my information. He was very impressed and said he had been telling his runner wife to get one, but she kept putting it off. He said she's getting one now for sure!

I got more nausea medication and then Dilaudid for the pain. It worked, but it made me super sick so I got more nausea medication, a different kind, which finally worked. I had a CT scan of head and X-rays of chest & hand. No broken bones, just bruised and a concussion, plus 10 stitches above my right eye. Got to go home!

Here's the progression of the shiner

I have to say how great my son was. He went and got my bike, helmet, etc and then came to the hospital and stayed with me the whole time. He called everyone for me and took care of me at home. He even had to wake me up during the night. This was his first time doing anything like this and he showed such concern, but wasn't mushy. He's just like me, joking when it's appropriate and serious when necessary. I'm proud of him.

I have absolutely no recollection of the accident. I faintly remember hitting the ground, but nothing before. The next thing I remember is waking up and being asked if I needed an ambulance.

We thought the man there had seen the accident, but he was at a diner and as he pulled out of the parking lot, he saw the crowd and me on the ground, drove there and blocked the road so no cars would run over me. He then stayed, called my son & 911 and didn't leave until I was taken away. It's so nice that people still care. He even called my son today to see how I was doing! This is a perfect stranger.

I believe God sends people like that. All Christ Followers have the opportunity to respond in that way, just like Jesus would do. How many of us actually do it? AND to call back and check up on me! A true Good Samaritan just like in the bible.

I thank God for sending him. I also thank God for protecting me. I had no covering on my legs at all. If it hadn't been raining, I would have had nothing on my arms either. I fell in such a way as to land on the upper right side of my body, on the hardest part - my head. :) At least that's what I've been told - I have a hard head! NO injuries to my lower extremities at all. It would have been a mess if I'd slid on the pavement on my bare legs. I also had gloves on which protected my right hand. God is good.

I hope I never remember the accident so I won't be afraid to ride again. As far as I can tell, I must have slid in the rain as I crossed the RR tracks. They are at a 45 degree angle to the road there and would have been a hazard.

Always remember to check out your route before hand or at least go slow in the areas you're not sure of. I was going at least 14 mph so fell pretty hard. Just the Thursday before I remember thinking that I could get hurt really bad if I fell off my bike. No kidding!!!

I am still really sore and have a wonderful black eye & the other one is getting nice color too. I overdid it today and am now paying the price. I'll stay in bed for sure tomorrow!

God bless you all and have a wonderful day.



  1. Oh my goodness!! I'm so glad you are ok other than some bumps and bruises!! God Bless that man who stopped to help you! Hang in there and heal fast!

  2. I'm so glad your okay super super glad that nice man helped you out. God was truly there for you today. Sounds like your son was amazing too. I hope your recovery goes well & that your not in too much pain. Hang in there! I'm sending healing vibes your way! xo

  3. Thanks, Nicole.Gonna force myself to rest tomorrow. It's hard to do though!

  4. So sorry about the accident. Glad you are okay. It is good to hear about the kindness and help you had during this incident. Hope you recover quicly.

  5. Wow, Gina, thanks for telling your story. I have also put off getting a Road ID but I am going to order one tomorrow. One for me and one for my hubby. I'm sure glad the accident wasn't any worse. You take care and heal up now, you hear?

  6. Thanks,Mark.

    Sheila, so glad you're getting the Road ID. I have the interactive one. It's great, you can put all your info online & the responders or hospital can either call a toll free number or go online & access all your information. I'm SO glad I got that one. @solorunner has ordered one too. If nothing else good comes from my accident, this is enough. :)

  7. Wow so glad you had your helmet on. You may want to send it off to get checked out. Helmets are usually a one time "use". I sent mine off after my wreck and got a discount from giro on a new one since they determined mine was no longer safe. Glad you had the Road ID and good thing the nice man helped.

  8. oh Gina :( I am so glad you are ok. I can't imagine how scary this must be/have been. I hope you heal and are feeling better very soon!!

  9. Oh Gina I am so so sorry! You're very lucky and the man that helped you is truly a wonderful kind & caring person! There need to be more people like him in this world! I am definitely going to get a RoadID immediately. Hope you have a quick recovery and sending good thoughts your way!

  10. Gusano - I was advised by the doctor to toss my helmet, so I did. I'll get a new one when I start riding again.

  11. Thanks, Aron & Tara. Definitely get the RoadID. I have the interactive one - it's great; you can update your information online at any time.